The launch of the new and faster 5G cell network is causing a few problems.

The airline industry is concerned about potential interference with important systems on airplanes. The service interferes with key systems that control the planes -- including altimeters that let pilots know how high the plane is off the ground. If this happens, the airlines have warned of massive flight cancellations and disruptions. Because of those concerns, AT&T and Verizon say they will delay some of their new 5G wireless service.

The new 5G network might also have an affect on some of the features in your automobile.

Every major cell carrier plans to shut down their 3G network sometime this year. They are doing this to free up bandwidth for the upcoming 5G network rollouts. Older cars utilize this older 3G network for some of their features.

Multiple auto blogs have started to point out that the 3G shutdown will affect dozens of vehicle built between 2010 and last year. Some of these cars will lose the ability to update your location and traffic data while navigating. This also means that some vehicles will not be able to connect to your smartphone, emergency call services, and some voice assistants. Some cars will also lose the stolen vehicle locator features and automatic collision notification.

In response to this problem, some car manufacturers are issuing wireless software updates or even hardware updates. Some of these updates will be free and others could be a costly upgrade to vehicle owners. Just what you will be able to do, depends on the age of your car may be and who manufactured the vehicle.

CNBC has recently compiled a list of publicly known affected models and what the manufacturers are planning to do to fix the problem -- if that is an option. You can find that list here.

How soon will this change occur?

It looks like AT&T's 3G shutdown will happen in February. Owners of certain models from Honda, Nissan or Volvo might see issues at that point. Brands like Toyota and Lexus have aligned with Verizon and will have a little more time. Verizon says its 3G shutdown will happen “no later” than December 31. Sprint and T-Mobile 3G networks will be shut down sometime between March and July.

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