On Saturday, March 11, WGRD hit the slopes at Cannonsburg with Modelo, and Pacifico, for the 7th WGRD Cardboard Bobsled Derby! Thanks to all of you who built fun cardboard bobsleds, and went down the hill with us. It was tons of fun.

Everyone went up the hill and sledded down multiple times, and raced with different people, so it's cool to do. There were some cool, creative bobsleds made, some not-so-creative sleds that did well...and some that...well, didn't even make it down the slope.

It didn't even matter, there was a taco bar and beer, so a good time was had. We even gave away prizes to those fastest down the hill, the most creative bobsleds, the best costumes, and even best crash!

Oh, and we awarded an overall Worst of the Worst...and the winner has pledged to incorporate the toilet plunger into his bobsled next year, and to perform much better!

Enjoy the video, and check out the photos, too!

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