GRD had a fun day out at Cannonsburg Ski & Ride Area in Belmont with you guys, Cannonsburg and Labatt for the Cardboard Bobsled Derby!

So many fantastic racers came out and tried to keep their bobsleds together as they raced down the hill.

Some didn't quite make it all the way down, some did get slowly down and some, well, hit record speeds!

I heard a lot of the competitors talking about building their sleds specifically to try to go over the top of the berm at the end, hoping to fly over the other side!

One team got to the very top, which was great, but another team did it! They screamed down the hill so fast, they went up and over the top!

Everyone is OK, and they came around the end like champions We're so happy they'd accomplished their mission. They also won the fastest time down, of course.

Enjoy the video, and we'll see you all again next year for the Cardboard Bobsled Derby!

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