Today's Cardboard Bobsled event at Cannonsburg was something I've been looking forward to for quite a while now!  What could be more fun than a bunch of people out on a hill, building bobsleds from cardboard and duct tape, not caring if the thing really held up on the way down the slope?

Thanks to everyone who came out and had fun with us today!  More than 50 bobsleds raced at least partway down the slope, creatively decorated and with people in costume, to the amusement of all.  No one got hurt, everyone had a good time, and people even dragged the carcasses of their demolished bobsleds back up the hill for another go!

Ned and I had fun doing silly commentary during the races, and we gave out a bunch of prizes for best costumes, most creative bobsleds, fastest time down the hill, and my favorite: BEST CRASH!

See you next year at Cannonsburg for another Cardboard Bobsled!


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