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Pecan Farmers on High Alert for Nut Rustlers
The victims of crime can be found in all walks of life. There are folks who fall victim to a street-side mugging. Some poor bastards get robbed at gunpoint while working at a convenience store. And certain people fall victim to the most dastardly of all the criminal factions... nut rustlers.
Man Faces Jail Time For Offering Door-To-Door Breast Exams
The ole' inspector gag. It's been around almost as long as humans have been involved in the goings on of the universe. Up until now though, nobody had ever really tried it. Phillip Winikoff is an 81 year old man with 82 pound stones. He started knockin' on doors and offering the women…
Woman Sues Vibrator Company After Horrifying Dildo Injury
A California woman is taking a company to court for an injury sustained while using their product. That of course is a situation that happens constantly within the American court system. What makes this case different is the fact that the company she is suing is a sex toy company and the product in …

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