The victims of crime can be found in all walks of life. There are folks who fall victim to a street-side mugging. Some poor bastards get robbed at gunpoint while working at a convenience store. And certain people fall victim to the most dastardly of all the criminal factions... nut rustlers.

That's right... pecan farmers in New Mexico have to be on constant alerts to protect their nuts from being rustled. Some farmers have installed high tech cameras and one guy even has armed guards keeping his nuts safe. Bruce Haley is one such nut guardian and states:

We patrol the roads in the fields during the day, and then we have cameras here at the warehouse for nighttime, and during the day likewise," said Haley

So if you are thinking about a life of crime in the seedy underbelly of stealing nuts, you will need to up your game to get your hands on those nuts. Perhaps you will need an entire nut rustling crew or a super stealthy nut rustling robot of some sort... either way in New Mexico--it's becoming increasingly difficult to steal and smuggle nuts. Nut justice!

[Source: KRQE]

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