This Girl’s Sleepwalking Habits Would Freak Anyone Out
She's seen just standing and staring at her sister's bed, unmoving, for about a minute and she doesn't wake up until her mom comes into the room. No one wants to wake up to that terrifying sight. It's not even that she's staring, which is creepy on it's own, it's that she doesn't even flinch - even when her sister is screaming at her and crying while begging her to stop...
Pecan Farmers on High Alert for Nut Rustlers
The victims of crime can be found in all walks of life. There are folks who fall victim to a street-side mugging. Some poor bastards get robbed at gunpoint while working at a convenience store. And certain people fall victim to the most dastardly of all the criminal factions... nut rustlers.
5 Of The Sexiest Things Ever Found By An X Ray Technician
The problem with sexiness is that it’s extremely relative (but not, we dearly hope, literally relative.) The slightest change in tone, glance, an unfortunate noise, and suddenly all that sexiness evaporates into awkwardness and frustration. Which makes going through an emergency room and the process of being bombarded with high-energy radiation the ultimate overkill for arousal.
Man Conducts Experiment to See How Long He Can Live on Wife’s Breast Milk
When Curtis and Katie bought a new house they had to deal with the gallons and gallons of breast milk they had stored in the freezer of their soon-to-be-old home. The milk was there because the couple’s two children had spent time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after being born, and they had pumped it out of fear that Katie would lose her ability to produce milk in the absence of a baby to fe
Underwater Hockey Gaining Popularity [VIDEO]
Created by British SCUBA instructors in 1954 as a training exercise for swimming with fins, underwater hockey (also called “Octopush”) is an aquatic team sport that resembles knock hockey, only on a much larger, much wetter scale. Though the paddle and puck are similar to those used in the table game, underwater hockey is a far more physical game.
Weird News: The Movie — Woman Severs Husband’s Scrotum With Pirate Sword
In Hollywood, the movie community will make movies that carry the disclaimer 'based on a true story." We figured we could do it too! The following post is based on real weird news as interpreted by the twisted brain of Dahmer. Genital severing via pirate sword, that’s what this one is all about! Usually, when you hear a story like this in the news--its about a chick who cut off a guy's penis
Meet Mr. Blow Up–The Inflatable Freak Man (Video)
There are people in this world who have hobbies that are a bit out of the ordinary. Some folks enjoy bird-watching, while others have a true love for macaroni art. There are also people in this world who enjoy even more niche interests, like zipper masks, sadomasochism and planking...