Netflix is currently in Hell and you can join them.

MLive reports that Netflix has been filming in the city of Hell, MI all week. The streaming platform is filming for for their comedy and social channel, "Netflix Is A Joke." Apparently, the series they're doing is a focus on America's funniest-named small towns.

So how small is Hell actually? It's so small that according to Wikipedia, its an unincorporated community so it doesn't even have its own population count. But after scouring the internet for the answer, the city has a population somewhere between 70 and 80. Hell is located in Livingston County, about 30 minutes north of Ann Arbor.

I personally have never gone to Hell but it seems like a hell of a good time. John Colone, the unofficial Mayor of Hell told MLive

We have a wedding chapel where we always say that every marriage has nowhere to go but up. We have one of the largest miniature golf courses in the state. We have hiking trails all over the area. You can even rent horses.

The entire town literally consists of just a handful of businesses and you bet Netflix made sure to stop at each one, even paying for people's meals. On Wednesday, the company paid for everyone's take out order at Hell Hole Bar and on Friday they'll be at the town's one ice cream shop, The Creamatory at Screams, giving out free ice cream from 11a to 7p.

If you happen to find yourself in Hell and you see a Netflix truck, there will be a number people can text to get one month free of the service.

Other funny towns that Netflix will be visiting include No Name, Colorado; ZigZag, Oregon; Sandwich, Massachusetts; and my personal favorite-  Smackover, Arkansas.

No word yet on when the special will air.

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Not only can you eat, drink, and get married in Hell but you can even become the Mayor of Hell. Why the hell not, right?

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