Well, this is one way to conceal your identity.

Earlier this month, a Jamaican man really hit the jackpot when he won $158 million playing the lotto. However, in Jamaica, it's a law that a winner must take a picture as part of the celebration so some people choose to dress up in disguise, says CBS. And that's exactly what "A. Campbell" did. So what better way to scare off potential robbers (or new family members) then with the Ghostface mask?

You know who he is. The infamous mask from the Scream movies, in the 90's. Hilarious. But also super creepy because along with the mask the man wore black gloves, black pants and a poncho.

I don't know how the lottery officials are so calm standing next to him... although that ladie's smile looks more like "I'm terrified."

Even crazier, the new millionaire told a Jamaican newspaper that he was so nervous when he found out he won it took him 54 days to claim his winnings. He plans on buying a "nice house" with the money. Hopefully not the one where Rose McGowan's character (in Scream) gets killed in the garage.

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