Metalhead Ned Ran a 5k and Finished
If you saw my previous post about me running a 5k, you will know that I am no runner. However, I decided to give it a shot. It seems like everyone is doing runs these days and there is a 5k for everything. My wife's workplace at KDL had a fun-run this past weekend, and for some crazy reason, I …
Metalhead Ned Preps For His First 5K Run
I am not really a runner, nor am I a fitness junkie. Jackie and Eric Zane are the runners at this station, so when I look at them, it can be pretty intimidating. They run 25k's, which is just crazy, but inspirational. They are also quite fit. Me on the other hand, not very fit and have a significant…
Jackie Places Top 10 at Gazelle Girl Half Marathon
I think my body may still be recovering from this long weekend of running!
Sunday was the second annual Gazelle Girl Half Marathon & 5K in Grand Rapids. It is an all-female event sponsored by Nike to bring awareness and support of Title IX, a 1972 federal law protecting people from discriminati…
Jackie and Zane Run WMU Wounded Warrior 5K
This weekend was jam-packed all with different running events!
On Saturday, I went to my hometown of Portage, Mich., and stayed with my mom, dad and husband so I could compete in the WMU Wounded Warrior 5K event hosted at Western Michigan University that morning.
Jackie On With FBHW
This morning I got to work a tad early and joined Free Beer and Hot Wings in the studio. We chatted all about how I am the "selfie queen," Zane and I challenged the ROTC to a race in Kalamazoo this April, and more, check out the entire break from this mornings show here.