This weekend was jam-packed all with different running events!

On Saturday, I went to my hometown of Portage, Mich., and stayed with my mom, dad and husband so I could compete in the WMU Wounded Warrior 5K event hosted at Western Michigan University that morning.

Eric Zane and I traveled to Kalamazoo for the race, and it did not disappoint.

The weather was beautiful, and we got to run through the campus of Western Michigan. The only downer to the day was the course was incredibly hilly! The elevation, according to my GPS watch, was insane!

It's horn-tootin time': I beat Zane! Ba ha! I'll never get sick of doing that!

That wasn't the real reason we went out there, though. The race was to earn money for our wounded soldiers. Whether it be physical or an ailment we can not see the money goes to a great cause.

This year, the WMU Wounded Warrior Project earned more than $20,000, doubling last year's earnings!


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