If you've ever wondered if you could outrun an airplane, a) you can't, b) Saturday morning, you could have at least ran where airplanes take off and land.

Fox 17 reports that around 1,200 people showed up to the Gerald R Ford International Airport Saturday morning for the Airport Runway 5k, which raised money for Family Hope Foundation, a nonprofit that helps families who have children with special needs.

The 5k Saturday morning took runners along the main runway, then around the hangars, which is all areas usually off-limits to the public. Also while the 5k was happening Fox 17 says Spectrum Health's AeroMed flew around doing aerial maneuvers for everyone.

Keep an eye out for this next year, this was the third year the Airport Runway 5k happened.  Organizers told Fox 17 this event is for runners, walkers, and families, so next year you can say you ran on the runway at the airport.

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