If you saw my previous post about me running a 5k, you will know that I am no runner. However, I decided to give it a shot. It seems like everyone is doing runs these days and there is a 5k for everything. My wife's workplace at KDL had a fun-run this past weekend, and for some crazy reason, I decided to join her on the run.

It happened yesterday (June 1), and it was about 86 degrees outside. It was hot and sunny! Perfect running weather right?! It was the Kent District Library 5Katie L. Fun Run, a fun way to keep in shape for families that work at the Library.

At first was I was pretty nervous, but after knowing that there was a goal, I felt better about it. I strived to get a decent time and not be the last in the race, and I wasn't. My wife kept me going though and followed me the entire race, even though if she didn't stick with me, she would have been a mile ahead of me.

In the end of this adventure, it felt good to finish something I wanted to do. I have wanted to run a 5k for some time, and due to laziness primarily, I never really kicked myself in the but to do it.

I didn't train to much, and because of that, my time was 38 mins, meaning that I was running a 12:30 mile.

Check out some pics below of the trail and my completion!

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