I am not really a runner, nor am I a fitness junkie. Jackie and Eric Zane are the runners at this station, so when I look at them, it can be pretty intimidating. They run 25k's, which is just crazy, but inspirational. They are also quite fit. Me on the other hand, not very fit and have a significant amount of weight, also not that much motivation. So what did I do? Signed up for a 5k of course!

When I was in High School, I was in my best shape. You could see my ribs, and I was quite the looker. Mostly cause everyday we had an hour of Physical Education. Then College came around and the brews starting pouring down my throat, meaning the stomach started to grow.

If you are like me and want to run a 5k, here is what I did to get myself ready.

  • 'Couch to 5k' App on my phone. If you really want to train yourself, but are intimidated by running, this is a great way to start! It gives you a guideline to follow so you don't die out quickly. Sooner or later, you'll be in decent shape for a 5k run. Just don't eat 80 donuts.
  • Having a helping hand and motivator is my biggest thing. When I come home from work, the LAST thing I wanna do it work out. This is where my wife comes in and deals with my mopey and angry self and gets me off my ass. Having a workout/running buddy is most likely one of the best things you could have. Like I said, I am not a workout guy, but I know what is best for me, and she knows whats best for me as well. Making her the top reason that I am even doing this, and it's a good thing.
  • Watch your diet! I love pizza and burgers, but making different choices can have a large effect. Eat a fruit and veggie with your lunch and dinner. Even if you are having pizza, somehow fit Peppers on to your pizza, or maybe crack open a can of Pineapple. Just have some food for you that's good. It's interesting to see what those little things can do in the long run.
  • Your run doesn't have to be an hour long. Even just jogging or walking for 10 mins is way further than you were on the couch. Like the fruits and veggies, it's that little stride that can make a difference.
  • To run into the thing I said before, here's a shocker! No one said to RUN! Walking or jogging is just as good. Just get off your ass and go walking for a quick moment.

Follow these few things and your out-of-shape butt will get up and start at least feeling better. Like I said, I am no fitness guy like Jackie or Eric Zane, but I at least know what it takes to make a difference, and remember, it's not gonna happen overnight.

Like Jackie told me, if you want to be a runner, you just have to do it.

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