If you're a person who worries about finding snakes and frogs in your toilet... here's another creature to look out for: Opossums!

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Soulshine Wildlife Center in Sparta shared about a truly WILD rescue they did this week.

The non-profit wildlife center and rehab got the following text at 6:42 in the morning.

Good Morning, I am in need of help ASAP. I found a baby opossum this morning in my toilet! I have it fished out and in a cat carrier, but I need to get it some help.

Oh. My. Word. I have so many questions - how did it get in the toilet? Did the person lose their voice screaming their lungs out? Because I would have.

Not that I don't like opossums, I just would never expect to find one hanging out IN MY TOILET.

Now, I know some people get freaked out by them, but honestly, I've heard opossums are really good to have around! They get rid of unwanted pests like ticks, cockroaches, rats, and mice. They also keep gardens healthy by eating snails, slugs, and fallen, overripe fruit. We have a smaller opossum that hangs out in our back yard and occasionally eats some of the food we put out for feral cats. We lovingly call him "Demon". I'll admit though, the little guy has startled me a time or two! So I cannot imagine finding one in my bathroom!

Soulshine says this IS a first for them. And while it had to be a shocking experience for both the homeowner and the opossum -- it sounds like the little gal is going to be OK! Yes, the opossum is a girl and and she is tiny, only weighing 163 grams. Soulshine dried her off and cleaned her up and is keeping her warm with a heating pad. Luckily she's not showing any signs of injury. The rehab says once she gains more weight, the baby opossum will be released back in to the wild.

As far as how the little one got in the toilet, well, there are some theories in the comments. Some folks were thinking the opossum may have crawled through the pipes? Here's what Soulshine says,

Our best guess is that one of her dogs may have brought it in the house and then upon exploring, it fell into the toilet (lid was open). Unfortunately we often have to guess the storyline with our patients!

Well, no matter how the opossum got there, I'm glad the person was able to get her out and to the rescue!

Thanks to Soulshine for ALL of the incredible work they do to help injured and orphaned wildlife in West Michigan! If you'd like to donate to support them, you can do that here.

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