"Why can't you remember to put the toilet seat down?!"

How many times have you had that fight?

Grand Rapids resident Tom Reminga has developed an automatic toilet-seat closer that could help you with that.


According to WZZM-13, Reminga says his device, called the Flush-Down, automatically closes a toilet's seat and lid once it's flushed.

It will "save marriages and relationships, one flush at a time," he said.

Not only is the device a good idea for anyone who has ever experienced that unexpected and unpleasant icy dip after someone has left the seat up, but it also works to keep pets from drinking out of the toilet.

Reminga got the idea a few years ago, after staying with a friend, Fox 17 reports. His friend’s dog kept drinking out of the toilet because Reminga couldn’t remember to close it.

Since then, after receiving a grant from Start Garden, he has been working on perfecting prototypes before putting them up for sale.

WZZM-13 reports Reminga is also a finalist in an online contest that could net him additional funds. He expects to have the Flush-Down, which costs between $45-$47, available for sale soon here.