I'm an iPhone guy. I've had them since the first generation. I don't upgrade every year, that's really pricey, but I do try to upgrade every couple years. I have no interest in switching to Android or Windows, so don't pressure me to change. Apple may not be first with all the new toys, but they usually do them well when they add them in.

There are some things they add that they don't really talk about though, and I just found out a nice one. Apparently, on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, the phones now have some waterproofing.

There's a gasket around the inside of the body parts, and waterproof coverings around the delicate parts inside the phone. Most waterproofed phones just try to seal up the ports, but Apple took some care to protect the bits inside.

It won't survive a tsunami, or heck, even won't survive a swim in the pool, but if you drop it in the toilet or sink and snatch it back out, you should be okay. Well, except for your phone being covered in pee from the toilet. Or worse...maybe just leave it...