I don't like to box myself into stereotypes but some people may call me a bit of a party girl. I like to have fun, and the best part about parties are the insane drinking games we come up with, for example in college some friends and I came up with the game, "wackadoo". This game is for IDIOTS. We had a hatchet (yep, a hatchet) and a log. The object is to toss the hatchet into the air using one hand, and catch it by the handle. Once you catch it you get one swing into the log (using one hand) to try and split it. If you miss the log, you have to take a drink. The game goes in a circle until the log is split all the way in two.
I was always under the impression that that was one of the stupidest drinking games ever, until I came across this guy...
26-year-old British dude. In a rousing game of "can you fit this object over your head." (yes this is real...) The guy ended up up with a toilet stuck around his entire upper torso. Apparently this guy wiggled around while his idiot friends laughed at him for nearly two hours then they finally called the fire department.
They came and cut the damn toilet seat apart until he was off. Fire department crew manager, Michael Burden stated that, "It was unclear whether he won, but he asked if he could keep the toilet as a memento."

[Via: HuffPo]

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