We'll Miss You, Jackie!
If you are listening to Jackie today, you may know that today is Jackie's LAST DAY at WGRD!
I know; IT'S SAD! The only good looking person from 'GRD is leaving us (next to me, of course).
Jackie’s Motorcycle Photo Shoot With Jason Hite
My buddy Jason is a photographer that works closely with Stellafly, a group that is all over Grand Rapids at the hottest events, Stellafly tracks everything and is everywhere!
Well Jason and I decided to have some fun with my new motorcycle and get a couple shots in over by the Kent Trails off Butter…
Jackie’s Throwback Thursday
This weeks throwback photo takes me back to 2010! That summer I was involved in a modeling contest with NM3 Magazine, a northern Michigan tourist magazine.
Jackie's New Do
All right, I promised in my New Year's resolutions that I wouldn't go back to blonde.
I also have committed to growing my damn hair so I can't cut it. The only clear choice was to go purple.
Sleeping Beauty Opens Next Week!
It's finally here, Sleeping Beauty at Circle Theater. I'm so excited to be involved in this fantastic show! If you are interested in bringing the family out to a super fun show check us out we open Wednesday and run though Sunday!
Surprise Coke Bottle
Coca-Cola has a new campaign to get people talking, literally.
They are printing on their bottles "Share a coke with" and a name. The idea is you give the pop to that person and buy yourself another, in the end it's ingenious because people are buying double the pop.
Well, it happened to…

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