If you are listening to Jackie today, you may know that today is Jackie's LAST DAY at WGRD!

I know; IT'S SAD! The only good looking person from 'GRD is leaving us (next to me, of course).

I have been with the radio station for more than six years now, which is insanely long.

Jackie is one of the last people that I know that was around from when I basically started at WGRD. I went to her wedding, sang some awesome karaoke together, introduced me to Clash of Clans, provided me with confused looks when I mentioned something nerdy and whatever crazy crap we could do at the studio.

Jackie was an awesome asset to the station and it is sad to see her go. But it's gonna kick ass to see her on Fox 17!

If you have any goodbyes, funny stories, favorite memories of Jackie, POST BELOW!

Thanks for everything Jackie, ya freakin' weirdo! ;)



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