jackie green

We'll Miss You, Jackie!
If you are listening to Jackie today, you may know that today is Jackie's LAST DAY at WGRD!
I know; IT'S SAD! The only good looking person from 'GRD is leaving us (next to me, of course).
WGRD Celebrates Jackie Green's 29th Birthday
Today is Jackie's 29th birthday!  Make sure to call her on the request line and wish her a happy birthday!
We got her a cake and had a little party before the Liquid Lunch started, so we could get her all sugared up and hyper for the show...
Jackie’s Florida Weekend
This past weekend I flew out to Florida and competed at the national, Miss Galaxy International pageant. This competition is unique to other pageants because it's international, there are girls from all over the world! I hung out with ladies from Puerto Rico, Italy, England, Australia, and lots…
Jackie’s Pinup-esque Photo Shoot
A few months back I won a modeling contest and was picked to be featured in the national fashion magazine, Gladys Magazine. I got to travel near Detroit to shoot our interpretation of pinup style. I worked with Jean Smith who is fantastic! We had an awesome time out at a farm on the outskirts of Det…
Jackie Green — The College Years
I will forever be a bulldog!  I graduated college from Ferris State University, and when I was looking through the schools youtube page, I found this gem... oh yes, a young, blonde Jackie Green ;)