Jackie’s New Ride
This past weekend I spent at Fox Power Sports of Grand Rapids where I attended the motorcycle safety school to get my endorsement!
Bad-Ass Bitches of Books — Episode 2 [Video]
Holy cow! Two episodes of Bad-Ass Bitches of Books!
This book club is really taking off, if you ask me.
This time around, I review "I Hunt Killers," by Barry Lyga.
This book is AWESOME. It kept me enthralled the whole time and it's super screwed up. Watch my video review below!
Jackie’s Throwback Thursday Pic
This weeks throwback photo is also a shoutout! This is one of my closest college friends, Timmy! Timmy moved to Korea shortly after we graduated and he still lives there today.
Bad-Ass Bitches of Books
I love to read. When I first got into radio, Free Beer told me I should practice interviewing.
So, I started to reach out to my favorite authors and interview them for a self-run podcast I was doing.
Anyway, I was on a commercial break a few days ago and Producer Joe of "The Free Beer &am…
Jackie Has Some Wedding Fun
You may remember yesterday I got ready in the studio for a wedding. Hair, makeup, the whole shebang! The wedding was a great time and I even managed to get there on time!
Off-Air Shenanigans
We had some crazy malfunctions today and 97.9 WGRD went off air for a while today.
Most of you knew, considering we got like a million e-mails and text messages letting us know, as if we didn't already know.
That said, "Free Beer & Hot Wings" and I continued on with our local break a…
My Dog Photobombed Me
I got a new swimsuit, and I was digging my hair (I figure why not be blunt about it.) So I took a selfie, I know selfie's are annoying but I do them.  Anyway as I was laying in the yard taking a selfie my dog decided she wanted in on the selfie action... So here is Olives selfie... she sho…
Flashbacks With Jackie
Yet again another fantastic flashback! First off I am a blonde again in this. You may remember one of my New Years Resolutions was to NOT do this again to my hair... Secondly these are just funny!
Jackie’s College Broadcasting Show
When I was in college I was the host of a student ran series of Entertainment News. I was the "talent" and each week a student would write the script, we would come up with graphics and more. I found this old one and had to share it! I was a blondie!
Metalhead Ned and Jackie Head to Lunch at Bagger Dave’s!
I finally was given the chance to check out the downtown Grand Rapids location of Bagger Dave's!
I will tell you, I love a damn good burger, and Grand Rapids sure offers a lot of different choices of burgers.
One of my favorites? Bagger Dave's!
Jackie & FBHW- Pajama Jeans For Men
I completely forgot to post this! Two weeks ago I was on with Free Beer and Hot Wings and we got a good chuckle at a new trend, pajama jeans- for men! One of our co-workers from our sister station, Channel 957 modeled a pair on WZZM and the guys had some fun with it. Listen here.

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