In the first few seconds of this new behind the scenes video from Pop Evil, the guys let slip the new album's name! It's a surprising new album title, and completely different from the last few, like Onyx. This one will throw you for a bit of a loop, but it's actually pretty cool. Stick with the video, as they'll explain the name and more! Here it is, the new Pop Evil album title:

Little Yummy Monkeys!

You heard (or read) it here first, the new album from Grand Rapids boys Pop Evil is called Little Yummy Monkeys! Doesn't that kick ass?

Check out the video above for more, and a deeper look into the recording of the album they made in Seattle with Adam Kasper earlier this year. Adam has worked with a ton a famous bands, and produced a lot of very well-known albums, including the new Little Yummy Monkeys from Pop Evil!

There are a lot of really cool clips from the new album in the video, so you'll get to hear a little of what the new stuff really sounds like! Check it out, and enjoy!

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