It's probably safe to say that people on social media are way more gullible than they should be. With Facebook Live and all of the other new ways for people to share information, it's easier now than ever to trick all of your friends. Recently two Ohio men tried their hand at a Facebook prank and are now walking on thin ice because of it.

To start, what better way to spread the story of Christmas than by replacing statues of Jesus and Mary and the rest of the crew with zombie versions! Jasen Dixon had already made headlines for his nativity scene choice and when it came time to take it down, he and his friend Dustin Smith had the brilliant idea to throw the disfigured, undead body parts into a pond. The two men then took a picture and posted to Facebook claiming they had stumbled upon the "body parts" frozen in the ice during a camping trip! Of course, like pretty much everything posted to Facebook, people believed it.  After all, Facebook is a totally reputable news source!  People commented, saying that the authorities should be called and someone reported it to the Ohio DNR.

The situation is being investigated and these two dummies could potentially be charged. So the lesson here is to think before you decide to try and trick your friends into thinking your life is an episode of Law and Order.  Also, don't try to trick anyone on social media because sadly in 2017, people believe everything they see on the internet...Including this video!

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