Ohio Man Refuses to Take Down Zombie Nativity Scene [Video]
The theme this holiday season seems to be "controversy." There were red cups, mental disorder sweaters, and now, zombie baby Jesus. Ohio man Jason Dixon says he's facing fines of up to $500 per day, just for keeping his zombie-themed nativity display in his front yard.
Zombies Chase a Parkour Master in Awesome POV Short Film
Combine a few different film styles, and you could really make something freaking awesome for people. Take this short film, Dying Light, where you take zombies, parkour action, and first person viewpoint, and combine them into an intense chase movie!
There's not really much in the way of dialogue her…
[REC 4]: Apocalpyse is Coming and Looks Bad Ass
A few years ago, you might have seen a pretty cool movie called, "Quarantine", with Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter's TV sister), where she followed some firefighters into a building that's, well, quarantined.  
It's a pretty cool flick, but the movie it's adapted from is kick ass.
It's called &q…
The U.S. Military Actually Has a Zombie Apocalypse Plan!
This is not a joke, this is not a test!  The U.S. Military has plans sitting around for pretty much every contingency: kidnapped president, nuclear war, insect invasion, alien invasion and plant apocalypse. OK, maybe not the plant thing, but they could!
It turns out that they also have a very real pl…

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