The Walking Dead is a super popular show, I know, but this is ridiculous. Apparently, there's are drugs on the streets in Brazil, and it's turning people into freaking ZOMBIES! Crazed, uncontrolled, aggressive.

You remember the whole bath salts cannibal attacks in Florida, right? This is like that, but now there's tons of video of people affected by Cloud 9, or Flakka, and other insane drugs.

People are eating each other's flesh, and crazily attacking inanimate objects.

These insane substances are turning people into zombies, and they're technically not even drugs! Cloud 9 is a name of a marijuana substitute, like Spice or K2, and the DEA identifies it right alongside cocaine, or meth, and bath salts.

Bottles of Cloud 9 have been sold in southeast Michigan, and there's no info on the bottles, not who made it, where it's from, or even what's in it. People are taking drugs that they can't even identify, they don't know what could be in it, and they're going insane.

If you're looking for a cannabinoid, you might want to be super careful, as some of these drugs are even publicised as synthetic cannabinoids, and are really dangerous. Might be better to stick to natural cannabinoids, seriously.

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