Guitar Hero and Rock Band were all the rage during the 2000's. I know quite a few people who purchased game consoles for the sole purpose of playing Guitar Hero, it got a lot of people into gaming.

I actually wrote a whole thing about the rise and fall of Guitar Hero.

Looking to reinvigorate the dead 'music genre' of video games, new Rock Band and Guitar Hero video games are on their way.

This morning, a ton of new information flooded the internet about the new Guitar Hero game, named Guitar Hero Live.

It's looking to be quite the experience and a lot more realistic. Instead of animated characters in years past, this one seems to more live. As you play the guitar and do really well, your band will interact with you and make you look like some sort of epic guitarist. On the other hand, if you begin to suck the crowd will visually 'boo' you and your band will look at you like you're crazy.

They are also releasing a new controller to go with it, which is all new with a new layout.

It seems like it's going to be a more in depth experience than the other games. Is it enough to reinvigorate the genre though?

Honestly, I'll leave that one up in the air. I think that you're going to get your original fans of the game purchasing it and reliving those nostalgic moments, but will there be new fans buying it? I'm not sure.

The reason I say this is because it hasn't been gone all that long, so it's anyone's game at this point.

If the video game industry can be revitalized, so can the music gaming genre too.