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JonTron Proves That Not Every Star Wars Game is Good
JonTron is still rockin' his 'StarCade' series on YouTube, out there to prove that not everything in the Star Wars video game world is good.
Last time, he took a look at the video games of Star Wars: Episode 1. This time however, he is going after a game that most people have most like…
Question: Why Didn't Ned Choose a Video Game Career?
If you read my blog, listen to me on air, or know me, you'll know that I have a massive up-session with video games. Even the majority of my blog at is about 95% about video games! Heck, I even make a video series on video games!
So why didn't I get into a career focusing on video …
Resident Evil 3 Still Keeps You on Your Toes Years Later
Last night, my brother came over. Now, I grew up with this guy and watched him play video games for hours upon hours. While most people think that this is boring, I actually enjoyed watching him play games.
Especially the Resident Evil games.
An Extremely Detailed History About The Power Glove
"I love the Power Glove, it's so bad."
The Power Glove was a video game peripheral that came out for use on the Nintendo Entertainement System. Before there was the Wii-Mote, Kinect, or Playstation Move. There was the Power Glove.
Here is Everything You Wanted to Know About Nintendo amiibo
The fine fellows at Did You Know Gaming have released a video that is actually quite interesting.
People have been trampling each other over the amiibo craze, and they still are. Man, just wait until Christmas time right?
Did You Know Gaming has a brand new video showing the history of the amiibo.

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