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Fun Facts About Guitar Hero
There was a time when games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band DOMINATED the video game industry!
After a huge saturation of the market of rythmic music games, Guitar Hero is back! However, there are some really cool facts about it's first run you may have never heard about.
New Guitar Hero and Rock Band Games On the Way
Guitar Hero and Rock Band were all the rage during the 2000's. I know quite a few people who purchased game consoles for the sole purpose of playing Guitar Hero, it got a lot of people into gaming.
I actually wrote a whole thing about the rise and fall of Guitar Hero.
Looking to reinvigorate the dead …
When Guitar Hero Ruled
Most people today still know about the juggernaut known as Guitar Hero.
It was a game where you and your friends picked up plastic instruments that had multi-colored buttons on it and pressed them to a rythem. It was fun -- a lot of fun!
Guitar Hero was about battling friends to who could get the high…
Axl Rose Suffers Partial Defeat in ‘Guitar Hero’ Lawsuit
Axl Rose‘s ongoing quest to wrest a $20 million judgment from video game makers Activision was dealt a setback yesterday (August 14), when a judge indicated Rose’s allegations of fraud would be dismissed — but he allowed another claim in the suit to stand, leaving the leg…
R.I.P. Guitar Hero
Video game publisher Activision announced today that they plan on discontinuing the Guitar Hero franchise.  This comes as no surprise as sales of the series have declined in recent years due to over saturation of the music rhythm game genre and the economic collapse in the U.S.