MOVE Systems, a company that makes eco-friendly mobile food carts, and other food service equipment, is making a $13 million investment in Grand Rapids! They're bringing their manufacturing to Walker, from China, which also brings jobs!

The Right Place, Michigan Economic Development Group, and Start Garden have teamed up to help bring more business and money to Grand Rapids, and their first success is helping convince Move Systems International to come here.

MOVE Systems was started by Michigan veteran James Meeks, and have made a couple really popular products. The MRV100 eco-friendly mobile food cart, and the Simple Grid electricity pedestal.

They're going to expand their manufacturing, and administration offices here in Walker, and bring another 27 jobs to the area. Hopefully, with continued success, it'll grow even more, and offer more jobs, too.

And maybe we'll get some more cool food carts downtown during the summer months!

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