Fourteen neglected toy poodles were rescued from a long-vacant home north of Grand Rapids shortly before Christmas.

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Fox 17 reports that the dogs have been taken in by the Kent County Animal Shelter.

Kent County Animal Shelter Division Director Angela Hollinshead tells Fox 17 that they received a call on Dec. 19 about an abandoned house in Solon Township, northwest of Cedar Springs, that contained mutliple dogs. When animal control arrived, it was clear the dogs were toy poodles.

Fox 17 Courtesy Kent County Animal Shelter
Fox 17 Courtesy Kent County Animal Shelter

Who owned the dogs and how they got there remains a mystery.

Hollinshead says while there was some food left out, there was no water and the dogs were in bad shape with matted hair, long nails, fleas, and were malnourished. There was no heat in the home.

At one point, they were very much somebody pets and very much loved by somebody. We don't know the circumstance of how they ended up where they are, but they are they're very friendly.

The owner of the home told the shelter that the residence had been empty for a few years and no one was supposed to be living there.

The dogs are being evaluated medically and behaviorally and will be put up for adoption once they're ready.

Fox 17 Courtesy Kent County Animal Shelter
Fox 17 Courtesy Kent County Animal Shelter

I'm so glad the dogs were found and are now safe and getting treatment!

Hollinshead tells Fox 17,

We do know now that they are receiving the best of care, and they all have bright futures ahead of them, so that is something we can be happy for.

She says the shelter deals with hoarding situations about once a month,

A lot of times these situations tend to go hand in hand with hoarding, which is very much a mental issue ... if you know somebody who is going through a situation like this, where they have a large number of animals, and they cannot provide care, either physically or financially, we really want to encourage the residents to speak up and say something.

If you have any information about the toy poodles found in Solon Township, contact the Kent County Animal Shelter at 616-632-7300.

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