A Detroit animal shelter had an unusual Christmas Eve morning when nearly 500 parakeets landed on their doorstep, then nearly 340 more Sunday morning.

If you have seen the old Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds", instead of crows and ravens all clustered together, imagine clusters of parakeets. Probably a more beautiful sight but still a cluster of birds.

It all started when a man who claimed to be the son of an animal hoarder contacted the Detroit Animal Welfare Group that is located in Romeo, Michigan. The man called to say he was going to drop off 60 to 80 parakeets that were in his father's home. Now that's a lot of birds right there.

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The son was either misleading the animal shelter or knew exactly what he was doing, regardless there was a bit of a miss calculation on just how many birds his father had because 497 birds were dropped off in seven cages.

I have heard of cat and dog hoarders before, but parakeets hoarders are a first for me. I just don't understand how a person acquires that many parakeets who are not breeding them for pet stores.

Like during a game show when the announcer says, "but wait, there's more", there were an additional 339 parakeets dropped off on Sunday for a grand total of 836 parakeets. Now that's a lot of chirping.

Unfortunately, many of the birds were in pretty bad shape and need immediate help.

WOOD reported, the Detroit Animal Welfare Group received additional help from Jojo's Flying Friends, Birds and Beaks, and East Michigan Bird Rescue in taking in these birds so they can get the care they need.

So far the parakeets have been put into temporary care and given food that has been donated.

If you would like to make a donation or adopt any of the parakeets, here are links to all the shelters that are currently housing the birds:

So far there has been no word if an animal cruelty investigation will follow.

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