Jim Harbaugh says it's time that the University of Michigan honor Tom Brady with a statue on campus, but Michigan doesn't need a Tom Brady statue.

Detroit Free Press reported on Harbaugh's ideas for a statue which he talked about during his weekly podcast "Attack Each Day." Harbaugh said:

I think it's time, don't you, for a Tom Brady statue to built right here.

I think we can all agree now, Tom Brady ... he's lapped the field in football. You're synonymous now with Babe Ruth, with Michael Jordan. The university he attended should build a statue.

This whole topic might have them feeling a little deflated, but yes, it's time for even Spartan and Buckeye fans to admit that Tom Brady is the best the NFL has ever seen...and he was pretty good at Michigan too.

As a Michigan fan, confirming Tom Brady as the greatest of all-time is easy. He is so good that the NFL has even made new rules just for him. Still, I really hope we don't see a statue of Tom Brady or anyone else.

Isn't it time we stop building statues to honor individual people?

Something to recognize a team or an important political or social movement feels appropriate, but the idea of building a statue to honor one person is becoming outdated. Record-setting teams and important movements are often led by individuals, but they are always about more than just one person.

Tom Brady IS the best quarterback ever, but please, stop building statues.

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