The government shutdown has finally reared its ugly head in West Michigan by affecting normal operations of breweries, wineries and distilleries.

According to WZZM, local distilleries have to work closely with the Federal Government.

Co-founder at Long Road Distillers, Kyle Van Strien said, "Right now everything is just kind of on hold. We have to submit bi-monthly reports of our production, we have to tell them all of the grain that's coming into the distillery."

When distillers come up with new formulas, they have to fill out paperwork for the Federal Tax and Trade Bureau for approval. This typically takes around 10 business days to get approved. Van Strien said, "We have no idea when we'll be able to release it."

Long Road, much like other distilleries, breweries and wineries, have to wait to launch new products. New products all across West Michigan are on hold until the government re-opens.

So if you are waiting on a new bottle of something from your favorite distillery, you may want to reach out to your congressman or senator and tell them to get to work.


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