How wonderful for the dogs at Kent County Animal Shelter! The canines have a new place to relax, explore, and enrich their lives while waiting for their forever homes.

This week the nonprofit announced the grand opening of the facility's new 44,000-square-foot outdoor expansion, a state-of-the-art dog park for the pups who temporarily call the shelter home.

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The outdoor enrichment area is located next to the animal shelter at 740 Fuller Ave. NE in Grand Rapids.

Kent County Animal Shelter, Facebook
Kent County Animal Shelter, Facebook

Amenities include:

  • A raised platform for dogs to survey their domain
  • A vertical ramp for exercise
  • A tire obstacle course for agility training
  • Hidden treats in tree stumps to satisfy their natural instincts

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The project was funded through a legacy gift from the Marie B. Schipper Trust. The Trust gifted $90,000 to the shelter, with $30,000 going to replace the outdated X-ray machine.

Kent County Animal Shelter, Facebook
Kent County Animal Shelter, Facebook

The remaining $40,000 was directed toward the construction of the natural enclosure.

Kent County Animal Shelter Director Angela Hollinshead said in a release,

With this new, natural enclosed area, we can offer some of the best canine enrichment. The animals can feel the dirt on their paws, smell where the squirrels have been, dig in the dirt, and do all the things dogs simply love to do... These activities reduce a lot of stress that develop from living in a shelter which is why this space is such a benefit!

If you or someone you know is interested in continuing the Kent County Animal Shelter's mission to provide care and support for animals in need, you can find out more about including KCAS in estate planning here.

Looking to bring home a new furry family member? See Kent County Animal shelters adoptable animals here.

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