And a senator is trying to change that because, you know, it's stupid.

Michigan is one of only three states that has a law like this still on the books, so a Democratic Senator from Detroit is trying to get rid of it.

Technically, it's illegal for Michiganders to live together and act "lewdly and lasciviously" and you could potentially be fined $1,000 and spend a year in prison for doing so.

Obviously, it's almost never enforced. So why would anybody waste the time to get rid of it?

Because it can be problematic on a tax level. You can't claim another person as part of your household if you're in violation of the law. So, there's that.

Am I the only person who absolutely LOVES these "weird laws in your state" stories? Did you know that it's also illegal in the mitt for a woman to cut her husband's hair without his permission? I could go on for hours. LOL

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