Crobot hit The Stache on Saturday night, with WilsonMothershipHurry Home, and Society Kills, for a fantastic show! Mothership is a great retro-styled band from Dallas, playing some cool stoner-rock a high volume. Great band you should check out.

It's not often you go to a show and decide to buy the CDs from every band on the bill, but I saw a lot of people doing just that! Mothership sold some CDs that night, especially after hitting the stage hard with some kick ass songs, like the above, 'Lunar Master'.

They had a brief delay getting starter, as one of the guitar cables went wonky on Kelley. Kelly and Kyle the bassist trade off vocals duties, giving each song its own cool vibe, depending on who's singing it. Kelley is also a fantastic guitar player, throwing out great solos on the songs, and not missing a not while mugging for the cameras in the front row.

Check out this great Texas band, you won't be disappointed.

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