It's the most popular lifestyle out there right now, and one of those things that's like Crossfit: People who are Vegan or Vegetarian LOOOOOVE to tell you they are, and how it's so much better for you, and the earth. But scientifically, there's no one who's actually a vegetarian or a vegan!

You can't make this stuff up. It's a cycle of eating and being eaten. Everything "eats" something else. Animals and people eat plants, and that's fine. But plants also break down, or "eat" every  previously living thing in the ground. That includes animals and people. We get dead, we get buried, a plant will eat us to survive.

Remember that saying that "you are what you eat"? You eat the plant, the plant ate the animal, you have then eaten the animal, too.

"A transitive property says that if one element in a sequence relates in a certain way to a second element, and the second element relates in the same way to a third, then the first and third elements relate in the same way as well."

Andrew Smith, Professor of English and Philosophy, Drexel University

Also, in case you want more ammo against the righteous Vegan who's berating you for eating that double cheeseburger with extra double cheeseburger, try this:

Vegans and Vegetarians claim that part of their decision to not eat meat comes from their belief that eating "sentient beings" is wrong. Sentient being defined as "characterized by sensation and consiousness". So, basically, if something is aware of the world around it, it's conscious, right?

Don't believe me...there are sciency people out there who have done all the research, and can prove all this stuff to you.

Hey, how do we know that the pot you're smoking isn't getting you high out of self-defense while being burned? Hahaha...that would actually be cool if getting stoned was weed revenge!

So get off your high-horse, vegans and vegetarians! You're not actually any better than us carnivores. We're all killing something to survive. We meat eaters might be a bit more honest about it, though.

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