Are the Vegan Police still pushing you to give up the animals?  So many people push their vegan propaganda on us every day, and they always have a million "facts" that eating meat is evil, and we can get everything we need from plants.

Guess what?

It's not true.  Going vegan might be a good choice for some, but it's not the answer for everyone.  Here's why.

  • You don't get vitamins A, D, K2, B12, or iron.  Apparently, building strong bones requires both K1 and K2, and if you don't get the K2 (since you can't get it from plants), it does nothing for you.  Plant irons and vitamins don't absorb as well as the animal versions.
  • Same thing with the Omega-3 things.  You can get them from plants, but they're the wrong kind, and don't absorb well.
  • To make a similar product to replace animal-based foods, requires so many chemicals and oils and junk...take butter, for instance.  Have you read the packing ingredients on the fake stuff?  Holy crap, people put that in their bodies!
  • If you eat only veggies, then mass farming increases, and more of the planet gets destroyed to build more farmland...that sounds like it goes against the whole green-planet, save the world thing.
  • Vegans have to eat a s***ton of soy stuff.  Have you seen what too much soy can do to you?  No?  If you're a start becoming a woman.  Literally.  There's so much phytoestrogen in soy, that you start growing boobs,'s like beginning the process to change tom a guy into a girl.Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • And, contrary to popular belief, no traditional culture has survived on vegan eating.  Every culture has some sort of animal part to their diet to stay healthy.

Besides, animals are tasty.

On the other side, do I think there are some nasty, brutal things happening to animals that should be stopped?  Yes, I do.  We can eat them, let's just stop being cruel.  There's no need for it.

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