White Castle Now Serving Veggie Sliders
White Castle, we may not have one here in Grand Rapids, but I will travel a very far distance for those little burgers. I had these fine burger only a few weeks ago in Ypsilanti, MI because I was on that side of town! This may not affect the Grand Rapids area much, but as a White Castle fan...buyers…
Sorry Vegans - Plants Don't Like Being Eaten Either
The vegans are still on the rampage, trying to get everyone to stop eating the animals, and to switch completely over to just the leafy things.
Unfortunately, their party-line of cruelty extends to the plant world.
Plants not only know they're being eaten, but also don't like it and try to s…
Why Going Vegan Probably Isn't the Best Idea
Are the Vegan Police still pushing you to give up the animals?  So many people push their vegan propaganda on us every day, and they always have a million "facts" that eating meat is evil, and we can get everything we need from plants.
Guess what?
It's not true.