Cooking shows have become some of the most popular shows out there, with entire networks existing on nothing but teasing us with food we can't cook as well as they do on the shows. In the last few years, a lot of musicians have gotten into the whole cooking show thing, and now there's probably the best show out there.

Not only is there not a boring old lady talking about food, there's no actual talking! The recipes are given to you in Black Metal song form!

If the video above, you can learn the secret to amazing vegan eggplant parm, including:

Prepare your batter upon the Pentagram.

and, of course,

Juggle your skulls with the skill of Satan!

How can you not love this? Well, I guess if you're seriously humor-impaired.

Check out the website, and enjoy more fun vegan recipes, taught in Black Metal song! You know Metalhead Ned will be learning some vegan recipes!

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