The vegans are still on the rampage, trying to get everyone to stop eating the animals, and to switch completely over to just the leafy things.

Unfortunately, their party-line of cruelty extends to the plant world.

Plants not only know they're being eaten, but also don't like it and try to stop it!

In another well-spent tax dollars research program, scientists spent time and money recreating the vibrations caused by insects eating leaves, so they could play those vibrations for plants to see if there was some sort of reaction.

Luckily for their grant money...plants DID react!  When they played the vibrations of a caterpillar eating leaves, the plants they played them for actually began to produce more mustard oils and send them to their leaves.  Those plants use mustard oil to poison bugs that eat them, since the oil is mildly toxic.

When other sounds were played for the plants, like wind vibrations, or response from the plants!

So, the plants not only know when something is going to eat them, but take immediate action to prevent it.

It's already come out that grass "screams" when it's being cut by mowers, and this is more proof that even the plants don't want to be eaten.

So, what are the vegans going to eat now?

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