When I first read this I thought well this is #PureMichigan, people break into a bar and only still beer and pop. The more  I read into it, I realized the people who broke into this place are jerks and I think people need to remember an unlocked door doesn’t mean just help yourself.

On Saturday between 4:00 and 4:30, a group of guys wandered into the Soo Brewing Company in Sault Ste. Marie, which as the Facebook post states, the location was “clearly closed” with the lights off and no employees around.  Instead of turning around and leaving, the guys instead helped themselves to some beers and even called others including young kids to the closed business and continued to pilfer around.

As the owner stated, the business was in the process of moving locations and employees had been by earlier to grab furniture, and he believes that's when a door was mistakenly left unlocked.

Reading the comments on the original post, it’s interesting how quite a few people thought it was cool To berate the owner for leaving the location unattended, and wondering why on a Saturday, which according to comments was also a big hockey day in town, the place wouldn’t be open. That’s when I realize this take on the story was less about how “Michigan” the robbery was because they only grabbed a beer, and instead how crappy people are.

The owner also posted a follow up saying the same thing, questioning why so many people found it OK to walk into a business with its lights off and just “help themselves” to the product?  You don’t have “a right” to help yourself because there aren’t any employees there to help you. Nor is it your "right" to call your friends to continue having free beers. The thieves on Saturday actually ended up having 9 beers while they were chillin’, and their kids had a few pops.

This story really blows my mind since the people were likely in town for youth hockey, which means these are parents - made apparent by the fact they had their kids show up. Most of us have enough common sense to know when we’re not supposed to be somewhere. And if you believe that they should’ve been able to help themselves because the door is unlocked, that worries me about your morals. I also don’t think you should be upset if you ever come home and your doors unlocked and people are going through your house.

Usually, when you walk into a business that seems to be unattended, instead of helping yourself, you usually leave because there's no one to serve you.  and if that's how the business runs on the regular, they eventually go out of business because they can't make money. Which is all a moot point since the owner says that they were moving to a new location, and that's why this particular building was possibly unlocked; not that they just don't care.

At least he has good screenshots of the people, and a lot of other people commenting that they also saw this group of people around so hopefully the police will be able to track them down so he’s able to prosecute them.

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