People trying to break out of prison, sure... but breaking into them? That's exactly what one Michigan man was recently arrested for.

The incident occurred late Sunday at the Standish Correctional facility in Standish, Mich., which has been closed since 2009.

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According to ABC 12 News, police responded to an alarm at the prison around 11:30p.m. on Sunday.

A glass door had been smashed and officers spotted 42-year old Cody Bellamy of Prescott walking out.

A search of his 2015 Lexus turned up what is believed to be stolen jewelry, cash, burglary tools, and an unregistered firearm.

Bellamy has been arraigned on four charges, including breaking and entering and possession of burglary tools.

When asked why he'd broken into the former prison an officer connected to the case tells ABC 12 News,

His initial statements were that he just wanted to walk around and take a look. But in reality, when you are in possession of burglary tools and masks, that is not the case.

Police did note that everything of value had been removed from the building long ago.

The fate of the shuttered Standish facility, which was once considered as a site for relocating inmates from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, was recently decided. The Michigan Department of Corrections has said it will never be used as a prison again and the state may sell the property.

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Michigan Department of Corrections spokesman Kyle Kaminski tells ABC 12 News,

The State Legislature could now convey it to another state agency, which can then sell it or transfer it to another entity.

Here's a look inside and outside the Standish Correctional Facility:

Abandoned Standish Maximum Correctional Prison

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