Crobot hit The Stache on Saturday night, with WilsonMothershipHurry Home, and Society Kills, for a fantastic show! Hurry Home was the second local opener, and they hit the stage for about 20 minutes with some great local rock.

With more of a singing style than Society Kills, this band has some really cool songs. They're more towards the Crobot and Mothership side of heaviness, where Society Kills is more toward the Wilson side. Both bands really fit the bill in different ways.

I saw Hurry Home last year at The Intersection, on another show, and I really liked them then, and still do! They have great songs, like 'Bottom of the Bottle Blues', which you can see above, and 'Selfish Love', their latest music video below.

Next time they're out playing around town, stop by and check them out. Good band!