Where do I begin with this game? The game has topped many list as possibly the best game of all time. Say what you want with you Elder Scrolls, Call of Duty, Battlefields, and even Zelda. If you are to play one game before you pass on, it needs to be Super Metroid.

What: You play as Samus, you recently brought that last known Metroid to the Colony which is then attacked by Samus' nemesis Ridley. Your mission is to retrieve the stolen Metroid before it's power is used for the wrong reasons by Mother Brain.

Why: Like I said, where do I begin with the game. This game is cinematic, without needing cinematic scenes. The beginning alone sets the feel of the game with a story line the jumps you right into the game. No music as you go through a dead zone of the Colony ship, dead bodies on the ground (which was very 'dark' for Nintendo at the time), and the Metroid missing. Then you reach an end room, nothing seen in this room, everything is quiet, just the Metroid. Then BOOM! RIDLEY APPEARS FROM NOWHERE and ROCKS YOUR FACE! Adrenaline is pumping, you're shooting your blaster, NOTHING IS WORKING! WHAT DO YOU DO?!?! Ridley escapes with the Metroid and then a SELF DESTRUCT SEQUENCE is activated! WHAT?!?! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! You eventually escape from the exploding ship and proceed to the start of the game...you escaped alive

Yea, just by gameplay alone. No need for dialogue, no need for voice actors, no need for amazing graphic cinematic scenes. Just gameplay...when a game can accomplish adrenaline like this with just gameplay alone....that is insane...that is Super Metroid.

The control is super solid, the puzzles can be extremely challenging, the bosses are difficult but beatable, you can upgrade you armor to become stronger, different types of missiles and weapons. Best way to play this game? In a dark room, at night, everyone is in a bed but you. This game will give you with the combination of music and dark color, the feeling of being alone and no one to help you, which really enhanced the experience.

If you look at most 'Top 5 Games' lists, there is pretty much a guaranteed chance you will see Super Metroid close to the top of the list.

What else is there to say? This game is one of the GREATEST GAMES of ALL TIME! I don't care how you play it...emulator, SNES, Wii Virtual console....play this game...NOW!