Time to really dive into the vault for this one! If you are lucky enough (or unlucky) to own a Virtual Boy, you most likely only owned Mario Tennis. However there are a few other games that you should take a look at when seeking another title for the ill-fated game console. One of those is Teleroboxer.

What: In the 22nd Century, a technology named 'Telerobotics' exists. Which allows people to control robots remotely, and in this game, they fight each other! Control your robot and defeat your opponents. Ever see 'Real Steel' with Hugh Jackman? Imagine that.

Why: This isn't the greatest game ever, but it's a game the gives the Virtual Boy at least a little bit of life. Some of the redeeming factors of this game is the challenge. If you practice enough and figure out the move sets of your opponents, you'll get the hang of this game pretty quickly. Like Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!, it's all about pattern recognition. The other strange part of this game is the control. The Virtual Boy had 2 D-pads on the controller, for this game it worked quite well because it was game where you only saw your hands. It was a first for many gamers, but again, once you got used to it, it wasn't that bad.

One really cool thing about the whole virtual reality thing is when your opponent knocks you out. It looks like it actually punched you right in the face! There isn't much 'virtual reality' when it comes to Virtual Boy, but this game had at least one factor of it!

I am sure we will never this game ever again, making the Virtual Boy the only way to play this game. Do I suggest going out and finding this console just to play this? Not really...it's just a fun game to play when you have time.