Nintendo's New Game System Slated for March 2017 Release
Nintendo's next-gen gaming console is officially on track for release in March 2017. Codenamed the "NX," the new Nintendo console will feature what CNN reports will be a "brand-new concept." Unfortunately, that's everything we know so far about the syste…
Resident Evil 3 Still Keeps You on Your Toes Years Later
Last night, my brother came over. Now, I grew up with this guy and watched him play video games for hours upon hours. While most people think that this is boring, I actually enjoyed watching him play games.
Especially the Resident Evil games.
JonTron Tackles Video Games Based on Star Wars: Episode 1
Popular YouTube game reviewer JonTron keeps his series named 'StarCade' going! In the series, Jon takes a look at the Star Wars games of yesterday.
While most of the Star Wars games are pretty good, there was time where they just plain sucked.
An Extremely Detailed History About The Power Glove
"I love the Power Glove, it's so bad."
The Power Glove was a video game peripheral that came out for use on the Nintendo Entertainement System. Before there was the Wii-Mote, Kinect, or Playstation Move. There was the Power Glove.
I Played Original Halo on 4 Xbox's, Still Tons of Fun
When people play video games today, it's usually some sort of online multiplayer.
I am pretty guilty of this too, it's really easy to play online video games today! Just click and boom, you're online!
However, this weekend I was reminded of just how fun plugging 4 original Xbox's t…

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