Last night, my brother came over. Now, I grew up with this guy and watched him play video games for hours upon hours. While most people think that this is boring, I actually enjoyed watching him play games.

Especially the Resident Evil games.

Last night for the hell of it, we decided to pop in Resident Evil 3 on Gamecube, a port of the original Playstation game. Wouldn't you know it? The game is still really fun!

While I have mentioned countless times how these game work on this website, this is the best controlling classic Resident Evil game out there, and still is a lot of fun to play. However, RE3 always had something that kept you on your toes, and that was Nemesis.

It really felt like nowhere in the game was safe, and always made you feel on edge while playing the game. That tall crazy monster could just pop out of nowhere and just destroy you.

We actually even got stuck at one point and couldn't escape Nemesis' grasp and killed us quite a few times.

It's a classic game that I consider you try at some point, and still is really fun today. I might even consider it my 2nd favorite Resident Evil game ever.

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