There's a really talented artist out there that has recreated the state of Michigan as if it was a level on Super Mario Bros. 3 and the coolest part is they even went through the process of, technically, making both Kalamazoo and Battle Creek a level in the game. The artist uploaded his drawing to Reddit months ago, but there's actually a website where you can buy the photo which was place on shirts and other collectables. The artist, Miguel is actually from Peru and for not hearing anything about Michigan until 2006, did a really good job, as he described:

A brief mention of Detroit in Scary Movie 4 had me laughing, and I was watching the very same scene the other day... and I couldn't let another week pass without doing an illustration of the whole state. It depicts the interstate highways as well as some other roads to connect to further towns. Forest cover and a few landmarks are true to what we find on reality, as well as those sandy coast in the west. I hope I have made you justice guys. If you like my work you can check out other states in my Instagram

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I would imagine Mario having to dodge empty beer bottles being flung by a Lakitu in the cloud in the Kalamazoo level, while Battle Creek would definitely be a level in the clouds, especially now that Columbia Ave has been named the Marijuana Mile. It's fun that we made an impact all the way down there.

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